Customer ideas, suggestions and experiences are implemented and integrated into the development process of new products and systems. Our continuous development and market ready innovations have resulted from intensive interaction with our customers and suppliers. Longstanding customer relationships and a consistent market orientation help us and our products to continue to develop and always be one step ahead of the competition.

Our longstanding relationships with our customers and our consistent market orientation keep us and our products at the top of the industry.

Flexible High Performance Palletizing

Flexible motion sequences and a gentle and careful handling of sensitive products – that’s what our palletizing robots stand for. A variety of infeed and gripper systems allows to palletize almost any product. Quick changeover times to different formats our palletizers are suited for handling high volumes and diverse packaging formats.
With the stand-alone version or integrated in a palletizing system – high availability and a reliable high level of performance are the core characteristics of our machines.



Custom-Tailored Conveyor Technology

Optimizing material flow results in faster cycle times, higher process exactness as well as improved working conditions while at the same time reducing costs. Our companies design and build tailor-made conveyor systems for inner plant transport tasks. Our conveyor units transport our customer’s products to any given position within the plant – from processing to the warehouse and/or from the warehouse to shipping.
Your unique and individually planned transport and conveying installation evolves from a multitude of our standard components.



System Integration

Increasing productivity, optimizing processes and saving costs are factors which determine market success. An exact functioning system harmoniously integrated in a complete inner plant logistics forms the basis for optimal material flow. To be able to constantly keep up with growing demands and requirements, we are continually improving our components and adapting them to the needs of our customers.